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Vehicles with Best Auto Insurance Quotes

There are several types of vehicles that consistently get the best quotes. Even if you do not have one of these vehicles, you may be able to benefit if your car has similar features that are responsible for the lower rates. You can also make changes to your vehicles to receive these advantages.

Domestic Vehicles

The reason that domestic vehicles get lower rate quotes is not an obvious one. Insurance companies prefer domestic vehicles because they are cheaper to repair. Domestic simply means the vehicle was manufactured in the same country where the insurance is provided.

Imports use technology that is more expensive to operate. If you have an import, you will likely have to go to a specialty car repair shop which costs more. Outside of owning a domestic vehicle, there is no real way to make this work to your advantage.

Mid-Size to Full-Size Cars

Smaller cars receive more damage when involved in accidents. Even a minor fender-bender can be expensive to repair if the other vehicle is larger. Additionally, insurance industry reports show that teen drivers are more likely to drive smaller cars and since they are considered high-risk drivers, insurance companies prefer the larger cars. SVUs and trucks are also more expensive to insure than mid-sized cars. They tend to have four-wheel drive which is included in the insurance rating calculation. These systems can be very expensive to repair.

Vehicles with Strong Safety Records

In addition to manufacturer reports, there are consumer testing agencies that rate the safety of vehicles. Multiple factors are used to measure the safeness of vehicles. Since a third-party is conducting the tests, insurance companies rely on these unbiased reports as well as insurance industry reports to give customers a safety score for the vehicle they want to insure.

Because safety is a major consideration for insurance companies, you can take certain steps to make your car safer. Replace worn tires, perform regular maintenance and tune-ups, and keep your brakes at optimal performance. Provide documentation to your insurance company that you have and continue to take these actions to improve the safety of your vehicle. You may be able to include this information on your application for auto insurance quotes.

Vehicles with Low Theft Rates

Every year, a report is published that ranks the most stolen vehicles by make and model. Sports cars, SVUs, and certain sedans have high theft rates. If your vehicle is on that list, you probably have higher insurance rates. You can minimize the impact of this on your rates but installing an anti-theft device. One of the questions you will be asked when getting auto insurance quotes is whether your vehicle has a security alarm or not. Answering "yes" can get you lower rates. Keep this list in mind when you go to purchase your next vehicle.


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